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Do you have any kittens currently available?

All available kittens will be listed in our available kittens’ page. If they are all reserved or zero displayed, that is probably the actual case.

Why is your application page is password protected?

That is because we are currently not accepting application.

We will open up application when we are expecting more litters.

What is general process to adopt a kitten?


Submit an application -> Application approved -> Place in the pre-approved applicants list -> "Will be offered to join paid waitlist if there is capacity" -> Received an invitation email when kittens are available -> Choose an available kitten -> Submit Deposit on a kitten -> Final payment -> Pick up kitten between week 10 - 12 of age.

When will you have new kittens?

We are a small cattery, we don’t have a set schedule. The best thing to do is to follow us on IG @tinyfoldmunchkin, we will announce it on social media first. Our website will get updated most likely afterward.

You will be notified via email when kittens are available if you are on our pre-approved list.

How do I get on the pre-approved list?

Submit an application, and then get approved :)

How much are your Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens/Scottish Kilt?

Here is our general price range, final price (+/-) for our Scottish Kilt / Scottish Fold Munchkins

Non-Standard: Straight ears & normal length legs 1800 and up

Non-Standard: Folded ears & normal length legs 2400 and up

Non-Standard: Straight ears & Short legs 4000 and up

Standard: Folded ears & short legs 6000 and up

*Please note that certain colors, traits, quality, pedigree of the kitten will be higher in cost.

Can you tell me about your British Shorthair?

We primarily produce Black Golden (ny) & Blue Golden (ay) Chinchillas.

Types of Markings: Shaded = 11; Spotted = 24; Ticked = 25; Shell = 12 (unofficial markings for BSH in EMS)

Within ny & ay, there are different degree of saturation in black/blue with golden color. It is characterized by color at tips of the hair. In Chinchillas, only the very tip of the outer coat is colored.

ny/ay 25: Black/Blue Golden Ticked, the tip of the coat has visible black/blue tip

ny/ay 11: Black/Blue Golden Shaded, the tip of the coat has less visible black/blue tip.

ny/ay 12: Black/Blue Golden Shell, the tip of the coat has minimum or not visible color. 

The tipping is restricted to only the tip of the tail and ears and MUST be visible.

The paw pads, top of the coat is clear of any markings and the underbelly, chin, nose and paws are lighter near white in tone. ny/ay 12 is rare and the reason reason we breed.



How much are your British Shorthair kittens?

Here is our general price range, final price (+/-) for our British Shorthair kittens.

ny 25 3000 and up

ny 11 4000 and up

ny12 5000 and up

*Please note that certain traits, size, colors will be higher in cost.


Do you have a waitlist?

Yes, it is 250 to sign on which is fully apply to final price. There are two waitlist, one for Scottish Fold Munchkin and one for British Shorthair. Please note that you must have already been on our pre-approved applicants list before you can sign our paid waitlist. In other words, please submit an application first. Please email for more info. For current status of the waitlist please visit here

How can I secure a kitten if I am on the paid waitlist / pre-approved applicants list / general public?

Once the kittens are available for reservation, the paid waitlist will be notified by an invitation email. If any kittens not being reserved, we will offer them to pre-approved applicants list. Then, should there be kittens still available, they will be available for general public to reserve.

When can I submit a deposit on a kitten?

Around 4 - 6 weeks of age, when all traits are more apparent. For example, the ears will be either folded or straightened for the Scottish kitties, color confirmation for British shorthair.

How much is the deposit ?

50% of the kitten's price is due at the time of reservation.

The remaining balance is due 3 weeks prior to scheduled pick up date of the kitten.

When are kittens ready for new home?

Between week 10 – week 12 of age.

How about vaccinations & dewormers?

All kittens come with first round of core vaccinations and dewormer. The subsequent vaccine booster and follow up dewormer will be administered by your vet. At your kitten's first veterinary exam, your vet will discuss a vaccination schedule as well as other treatments, such as deworming and beginning parasite prevention. At the first vaccine visit, your veterinarian will do an examination before vaccinating your kitten. After a vaccine is administered, immunity is not immediate. It takes about five to 10 days to become effective. However, kittens with remaining maternal antibodies for that disease will not be affected by the vaccine. There is no way to be certain if a kitten still has maternal antibodies, so boosters are necessary. True immunity is uncertain until about 16 to 18 weeks of age, or until all kitten boosters are completed. Avoid exposing your kitten to unknown animals until all vaccinations have been given.


Do you provide shipping?

No, we don’t ship our kittens. All kittens are to be pick up in person. Or by pet flight nanny service you have provided.

How does payment work?

We accept Paypal and Zelle, the deposit is due at time of reservation. The remaining balance is due 3 weeks before scheduled pick up date.

What about contract agreement and health guarantees?

After you have reserved a kitten from us, you will be required to sign sales contract and health guarantees. 

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