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San Francisco Bay Area

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A Scottish Fold Munchkin & British Shorthair Breeder

We are a small cattery registered with TICA, located in beautiful Berkeley, CA. Specializing in Scottish Fold, Scottish Fold Munchkin (aka Scottish Kilt), and British Shorthair breeds, our kittens are raised in a cage-free, social environment.


Before establishing our breeding program, we, like you, searched for a reputable breeder for that special dream kitten. We understand the frustration of finding a legitimate source, worrying about scams, and the health of the kittens. We are here to alleviate your concerns, ensuring the kitten you receive is in good health, possesses a good temperament, and engages well in human interaction.


Our cats are integral parts of our family, sharing our home. Kittens freely interact with the family daily, enjoying the freedom to run, jump, and play. A designated kitten-proof playroom ensures their safety. Our goal as breeders is to produce the healthiest and sweetest kittens, allowing your family to focus solely on the joy of having an adorable companion.


For additional information or general inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out. Kittens are placed at 10-12 weeks old, sold strictly as pets with no breeding rights. Registration papers do not accompany the kitten at the time of sale. All kittens sold as pets are to be spayed or neutered, with proof of alteration required by a certified vet before registration papers are issued.

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Mochi, Scottishfold Munchkin at 10 weeks
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